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Valentine Heart Wreath

27 Jan 2013
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A Valentine project you and your little kiddos could work with. Take the scissors and cutter, give 'em glue, and let them explore their own creativity - so are yours!
What you need:

Used box (we used pizza box)
Paper punchers (butterfly and flower-shaped):

Papers and foam sheets (I used stash)
Scissors (use regular and artistic)
Glue (elmer’s and wrinkle-free glue stick)
Super Easy How To’s:

First, draw a shape of a heart (I love imperfect ones) on the empty pizza box. Then gently cut out the shape of the heart using the cutter. Now for whatever you would like to do:

Design 1: The Heart Wreath

Step 1 – I gathered some unused flowers and used a mounting tape to paste them (2 pink flowers) on the cardboard heart. Then I gathered 2 of my daughter’s hair clips (pink in the middle) and clipped on the opposite sides.

Step 2 – cut out 3 circles of different sizes from foam sheets. Layer these circles from largest to smallest to give you a flower effect design. I used artistic scissor to make it look more artistic!

Step 3 – punch out some flower shapes and place it on top of the second layes of the flower. Pour in some elmer’s glue, and place over the last layer of the flower. Punch a butterfly shape, fold slightly in half, then glue the middle and firmly place on top of the flower you just created. 


Step 4 – put more butterfly in tight spaces so that the surface of the pizza box will be completely hidden s much as possible. Continue doing this to your heart’s content as seen in the pictures below:

Step 5 – punch 2 holes in the middle, then insert some strings or ribbon to hang the wreath on the wall. You may cover the punched holes with flowers. I used my daughter’s another sunflower clip. Just a good way of storing their hairclips. My daughter has got plenty, so she does not mind:). That’s it (refer to first picture above). 

Now off to other designs:

Design 2: Full Heart with Butterflies

Step 1 – punch some butterfly shapes, different paper prints if desired. Hundreds of them. It’s fun!
Step 2 – Pour streaks of elmer’s glue on a heart surface. Fold the butterfly shapes slight in half. Let your toddler put it on top of glue, pressing each gently, pressing only the folded part (middle) of the butterfly. This will give its “flying effect”. Fill the surface with butterflies tight to each other so that no one can peek through that greasy pizza box surface:)

Design 3: Full Heart with Whatever

Step 1 – Pour streaks of elmer’s glue on a heart surface. Give your toddler some fun materials she/he wants to put over. 
I hope you will enjoy this project/may this inspire you!

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Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

What a fun craft for kiddos and moms together. Great idea to use the cardboard as a base!

What a lovely mother-daughter project. Lots of happy memories in the making.

Oooo what a GREAT idea to use cardboard to make a wreath form. I love making wreaths so need to remember this. Thanks for sharing!

You recently commented on a post of mine but I couldn't comment back because you're a no-reply blogger. I wrote a post on how to fix this a while back. See if it helps. That way, people can thank you directly. :-)