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Delectable, irresistible, best berry syrup ever! I am pretty sure you would crave for a slice or two of cheese cake right this minute.

Frappes are not just for coffee. Frapped teas and fresh fruit juices are such enjoyable treats to freshen up under the blazing sun!

When it comes to fruit-veggie smoothie partnership, pineapple and celery is a perfect marriage.

Making wholesome fruity syrup is actually much easier than you think. Plus it tastes better. Plus it’s good for you. Plus it’s not undesirably thick!

Chicken pesto burger – this is getting weirder dear. But it tastes so good, that’s clear!

A very easy recipe for a tasty, fluffy and delightful couscous you can nibble all by itself or with your favorite side-dish.

Want to boost your immunity? Try this simple and naturally refreshing smoothie!

My family and friends had been asking for this recipe. I believe that salt and pepper is not enough. Salt and a variety of spices make your recipe exciting and delicious!

This unbelievably great-tasting sautéed green beans with leftover ribs swept my feet away…

This fresh ham is surprisingly good. Be forewarned though that love and patience is required, as to obtain its best taste, this needs to be baked in a rotisserie at low heat for up to 4 hours.

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